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I ship NaLu with the passion of a thousand suns.


90% of the characters i love

  • are assholes
  • are dead
  • are both an asshole and dead
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"What is this ‘heart’? If I tear open your chest, will I see it inside? If I shatter your skull, will I see it there?"

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"It’s impossible to feel exactly the same as someone else…but when you both care for each other, your hearts are able to draw a little close together. I think that’s what it means to make your hearts as one."

Make me choose asked by sakatas

Rukia or Orihime

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Kouha or Morgiana → asked by hanamiyah

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and then she screencapped it


Sasha and Connie for Most Romantic Couple Award 2014. Happy Birthday Sasha babe! <3


he was playing this song btw

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kazuunari asked: sawada tsunayoshi or tsukishima kei

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(26.7.2014) ♥ Happy NaLu day ♥
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happy nalu day ♥ 26/7
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Inoue Orihime. BLEACH 586
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               Happy NaLu Day! - [ 26 / 07 / 2014 ]
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